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    Mary Stein" What a great product! The liners felt like they were not even there and even the light tampons held up good. I think that they are more comfortable than anything else I've "

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Test for Breathable sanitary pads

Monday, July 19, 2010 2:45

Welcome to the Lady Anion website,

I’m really excited to be able to introduce you to this unbelievable product and will be compared to other ordinary sanitary pads that are available on the market. The lady anion sanitary pad is a revolutionary sanitary pad with built in hygiene benefits and features.

You will be shown & will discover how other sanitary pads compare with lady anion pads, the type of glue used, an anion chip which produces negative ions and health & well being benefits, and the amazing saturation levels of anion pads.

This demonstration video will reveal all of the basics we take for granted.

Let’s start with the lady anion hygiene package. Lady anion sanitary pads are individually sealed and packed in an individual sealable package. The sealable package is very compact and is made of food foil; it is also protected from bacteria and is water resistant. Now we are going to have a look at brand “X” sanitary pads. Which is similar to all of the other brands on the market?

As you can see the packaging is pure plastic and not that compact and once you have opened the pack you will notice that all the pads have not been sealed and may be in a position to attract bacteria. The size of the pad is a little bit bigger and might cause some level of discomfort to the user.

Now we are going to take brand X and turn the pad around. As you can see most of the regular pads have a big technical glue line which runs through the pad. This glue line prevents the pad from breathing freely.

You can also run a simple test to see for yourself how ineffective this is. Just take one glass of boiling water, put a pad over the glass and then cover the pad with a second glass upside down and you will now see how perspiration forms as it is unable to breathe freely and condensation is visibly seen in the bottom glass.

Now we are going to have a look at this amazing & remarkable lady anion pad and carry out the same exercise and where you will be able to judge for yourself how this amazing product can breathe quite freely and effectively in comparison to other pads.
There is a special gap which also keeps the air flow through the pad so your body can breathe freely.

Once again this simple test will show how affective the lady anion pad is. Just take one glass of boiling put a pad over the glass and then cover the pad with a second glass upside down and you will now see how perspiration forms in the top part of the glass and not the bottom. It also confirms that the pad is a breathable pad. Why don’t you try and do this with your own pads to see how effective they really are.

From this experiment, it proves that Lady Anion pads allow your body to breathe freely & internally which may prevent internal bacterial health problems.

I want you to remember that a lot of you may have had problems removing the glue stains from your clothes from the use of other pads. The lady anion uses a different environmentally friendly glue. This food glue does not stain or stick to your clothes.

This amazing product will provide you with a sense of well being and comfort knowing how affective it really is.

We look forward to seeing you in our next video when we highlight amazing saturation levels of lady anion pads which begs belief.

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